Welcome to A Dose


At A Dose Pharma, we are committed to improving the health and wellness of patients through access to our medicines to setting new standards in healthcare. We would like to work together and provide our patients with high quality medicine.


Satisfy Needs

Prioritize to satisfy medical needs.


Ensure consistent product quality and compliance with leading manufacturing practices.

Provide information

Provide information to healthcare professionals and non-healthcare professions to help optimize patient prescription decisions.

Our Values

Our Company values honesty and transparency in our operations.


We would like to make real difference in people's lives through improved product quality and product access. Our firm will have the courage to be a force for constructive change.


We make sure that the integrity of this company remains a priority for everyone at A Dose Pharma and follow The Thai compliance and law.

Contact us

   Address : 2 Soi Anamai Ngamjaroen 24, Rama 2 Road, Thakham Bangkhuntien, Bangkok 10150
  Phone : +66899006535
  Email : dusadeewan.chansuwan@gmail.com